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cottageIreland being an incredibly popular tourist destination means that you can rest assured you will find plenty of options – at least in the touristy areas – of places to stay. If you stick to the well-visited cities and towns, you will find the usual names of hoteliers recognized worldwide for their consistency and a certain level of service. It should be noted, however, that you may very well pay for the privilege of staying in one of those internationally-known hotels.

Have you been roughing it for weeks and looking forward to a night or two of luxury as a break? Did you just win the lotto so you can afford any hotel at any price? Then, by all means, book whatever hotels in Ireland you want – the more well-known the name, the better. If, on the other hand, you are traveling on any kind of budget, you will be pleased to know that Ireland simply abounds with lots of low cost options as well.

Bed and breakfast establishments are plentiful in Ireland, and they can be an excellent value in addition to being charming, run by social people (who like travelers!) and often in pretty buildings. You will often find B&Bs in Ireland run by families who actually live on the property, so you may feel like you are staying in the home as a family guest rather than a customer. And since full Irish breakfasts are notoriously large and filling, getting breakfast included in the price can be a real money-saver – you may not need to eat again until late afternoon!

Hostels in Ireland are also popular with budget travelers. The hostel organization in Ireland is called An Óige, and although it is an official “youth hostel” organization, most hostels these days do not have any kind of age limit associated with them. They are simply bare-bones accommodations for budget travelers looking to meet up with other travelers. And while the big-name hotels may only be found in Ireland’s big cities, hostels will spring up in places which are far off the beaten path – so in some areas of the country, a hostel may be your only option for a place to stay. You will also want to look into hostels in Dublin, because the city is known for being incredibly expensive to visit – even the hostel prices are higher than hostel prices in other big European cities.

Depending on the Irish weather, you can also consider camping at the various campsites in Ireland, although the country is notorious for weather that most people would not find conducive to camping. If you are serious about camping, however, and you want to be able to set up camp in a non-designated area, it is always best to ask permission first from the property owner if you can find them.

Other options for accommodation in Ireland include – renting an apartment or renting a cottage, and have you ever thought of buying your own house in Ireland? Why not dream big?