December in Galway- Events, Weather and Travel Tips

december-in-galwayEveryone visit Galway cannot help but be entertained by this city. Though some of its locals go to other places during the winter, other travelers opt to come to this little city and enjoy some of its wonders even though it’s freezing cold. Even if the amount of the city’s events reaches its peak during the summer season, the winter months also submit prosperity of gigs, exhibitions and performances.

December Event in Galway

Galway Bay On Ice – This is a yearly event in the city of Galway. Travelers to Galway in December can look forward to to see the Spanish Arch of the city changes into one of the leading Christmas attractions in Ireland, with one enormous 700 sq m ice rink and a happy Christmas Market to benefit from. This thrilling ice skating occasion is a perfect Christmas pleasure for the entire family with complete catering facilities on the location as well. Located at the Nimmo’s Pier, in the histories area of Claddagh in the city, the rink and the marketplace is situated in a peaceful setting where the Corrib River meets the Atlantic Ocean. The event will take place during the entire month of December.

Christmas Day in Galway– Be happy during this Christmas in Galway. You don’t have to feel alone this Christmas if you don’t have friends and families in Galway. Celebrate this amazing event with the city’s locals and other travelers like you. Instead, go out and witness how Galway residents celebrate Christmas holidays.

December Weather in Galway

The weather in the city of Galway is amazingly changeable. The weather is mainly temperate with a bit difference between the highs and lows.

Avg. high 46.4°F/8°C
Avg. low 37.4°F/ 3°C
Avg. precipitation 4.88inches/ 12.14cm

Galway, just like all of the other places in Ireland get a little rainfall. The rain is actually heaviest during the winter months although it could be heavy at any occasion. So, don’t forget to bring your coats, jackets or anything that will make you feel warm when it’s freezing in the city.

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Getting Here

With flights being provided to Galway by many budget carriers, tickets, particularly the ones that are booked in advance, make the trip fast as well as cheap. Most of the airline companies offering flights to Galway allow for discounts and great deals during winter, although the time around Christmas is considered high season. You just have to catch for it at once before anyone does.

Where to Stay

Tourism in Galway has always been an integral part of the livelihood of the city. So much so, indeed, an appreciable amount of the city’s population is continuously refreshed on a daily basis, as visitors choose to stay. Obviously for this reason, the city has a broad variety of accommodation from which every traveler can choose from. Regardless of your preference, you are guaranteed to find hostels , hotels and lodges that will easily meet your needs and budget. Some of these accommodations range from as cheap as £14 up to as expensive as £225. Of course, the price depends on the kinds of facilities you want to have.