Jacob’s Inn, Dublin

Jacob's Inn, DublinLocated immediately behind Connolly bus station, Jacob’s Inn is a typical youth hostel in Ireland.

* Jacob’s Inn, Dublin
* 21 Talbot Place, Dublin 1
* Number of Stars: N/A
* Breakfast? Meagre, but yes
* Dedicated non-smoking rooms? Yes
* Staff Friendliness (out of 10): 6
* Staff Competence (out of 10): 5
* Room Options: dorms, single, twin or double
* Room comfort level (out of 10): 5
* Noisy? Can be. Rooms next to the train tracks are awfully loud.
* Does the TV remote work?: n/a
* Fan/AC?: No
* Pool?: No
* Concierge?: N/A
* Restaurant?: Yes
* Conference facilities?: no
* Value for money? Good
* Irish Blog Recommends?: If you have to catch an early bus, it’s a good place to be
* Rates: €13.00 – €23.00 for dorms, €30.00 – €38.00 per person for twin or double
* Booking Information:https://www.isaacs.ie/jacobs_inn/index.htm • Tel: (+353 1) 855 5660 Fax: (+353 21) 855 5664
* Website: https://www.isaacs.ie/jacobs_inn
* Review:

Synopsis: A cheap hostel close to the bus station.

* Sheets Included
* Breakfast Included
* Kitchen available
* Coed dorms
* Lockers in rooms
* Some rooms en-suite
* Internet available (for a fee)

Comments: Jacob’s Inn is located literally behind Connolly Bus station. It should be said that this is not the safest-feeling place to walk at night; the front of the hostel opens onto a dark alleyway that always makes me feel like I’m about to get jumped. I’ve stayed here twice but I can’t say I’d recommend it. Both times I stayed here it was because I had to catch a bus in the morning and, hey, you just can’t get closer to the station than this.

Keep in mind that this hostel may be in Dublin city centre, but it is NOT in the heart of the hip-hop-happenings of Temple Bar or anything. It’s on the north side of the river, a few blocks east of O’Connel Bridge. It’d take you about 10 minutes minimum to reach Temple Bar from here.

Jacob’s has recently done some massive refurbishing and they now have an onsite restaurant called Boca J’s and 275 beds available. If you end up in one of the rooms next to the train tracks, the whole room will shake as the train goes by.