Where to Book Your Ireland Hostel

Staying in hostels in Ireland is a great way to make your travel budget stretch further and let you stay on the Emerald Isle for a little longer. But how do you choose the best hostels to stay in, or even know which booking sites to use? There are lots of options on both fronts, and it can be tough to know which way to go – especially when many of the booking sites offer the same properties.

When looking at hostel booking sites, your best bet is to look at what makes them different from the others – Do they have good maps to let you know how far the hostel is from the sights you want to see? Do they offer tips on what to do in the cities you’ll be staying in? Do you they provide good photos of the hostel so you can see what you’re booking? Do they let you comment or rate the hostels once you’ve stayed in them?

By checking out some of the booking websites you should be able to figure out which ones you prefer based on how they’re laid out and designed. Here are some of the sites to look at when hunting for a hostel in Ireland:


TheBestHostels.com doesn’t offer hostels by country, but only by the biggest cities on the backpacker circuit. So here are the Dublin hostels at that site: