August in Dublin

august-in-dublinBeing the capital of Ireland, Dublin is one of the most interesting cities in Europe. The city is located between River Liffey and Dublin Bay. Going to Dublin is a good choice especially if you want to get away from the noisy and polluted cities. Did you know that the city is smoke-free? You can’t find anyone smoking in public areas.

Before you make plans for your next vacation in Dublin during August, it would help a lot if you know a great deal about the place.


For the month of August, you can expect daily sunshine to last for about 5 hours. It hardly ever rains in August in Dublin.

During the day, the temperatures average 65F/18C , while during the night it’s around 53F/11C.

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How to Get to Dublin

By plane

Dublin is served by Shannon Airport, which is a hub for the domestic operator Aer Lingus. It receives flights from all over Europe but there are regular flights from the US as well.

If you are already in Ireland, there are plenty of planes connecting the capital with the major cities so flying is a good option.

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By train

Dublin is served by two railway stations. Since the Irish fleet is very young, the trains are comfortable. The route from Cork is particularly recommended (there are trains departing hourly).

By bus

Dublin is served by a bus station which connects the city to the rest of Ireland, to Britain and to other major European countries (via Eurolines).

By ferry

Dublin is connected by ferry both to Wales and England.

Peak and Off-Season

The peak season in Dublin Ireland is from July to August. During this time, the city is quite noisy because of the crowds of tourists. The hotel rates are higher and you can enjoy with the rest of the travelers by exploring the scenic and tourist spots in Dublin.

It would be best to travel to Dublin during this month as the weather also permits outdoor activities. Try to look for excellent travel deals which can be found online or via travel agents. If you simply plan your trip in advance, you can take advantage of good deals.

Just like any other major city, Dublin can be either expensive or affordable. It is up to you to figure out what type of accommodation you prefer. There are hotels for those on a budget and with some luck you will pay about 10 Euros/night for a bed and, of course, there are hotels which cater for more sophisticated travelers.

What to do

You can take advantage of the activities in Dublin this August like the Guinness Storehouse 250 Summer festival. The festival takes place between June and August.

The Celtic Music Festival 2009 takes place between Aug 22 and Aug 29 at the National Concert Hall. Ticket prices vary depending on the event but they range between €12 and €35 per person.

National Heritage Week 2009 takes place all over the city between Aug 22 and Aug 29. There are a lot of activities to check out and most are free (or very cheap). You can choose between fairs, night-time bat walks, wildlife tours and many more.

You can also visit Charleston on Ice until the end of August. This is an exciting place to visit for teens and young adults who loves entertainment.

Hallward Gallery is also displaying selected works until September 2009. You can check out the art pieces there. The Earth Explorers will be held until August 15, 2009 and you can attend the workshops if you visit Dublin in August.

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Planning in advance is the best way to ensure a relaxing and memorable vacation. Visit Dublin now and make sure that you pack your things at least a day before your departure. Bring only the necessary things.