Ireland Hotels Search Tool Makes Finding a Cheap Hotel Easier

computeruserWhen you’re hunting for a hotel in Ireland, you generally have two ways you can go about it. You can either concentrate solely on things like location and cost, taking whatever results come up and choosing from whatever cheap hotels are available, or you can look for specific properties because you’ve heard about them or they’ve been recommended to you. Either way, you’ve got a bit of online search work ahead of you. We’ve tried to make the process a little simpler (no matter which process you’re using) with our new Ireland hotels search page.

The brilliant thing about our new search tool for hotels in Ireland is that you can use it no matter what method you’re going with for hotel hunting. If you’re just focused on what’s available at the price you want to pay, just choose the city from the list and use the search tool at the top of that page. The search engine lets you select as many online vendors as you want to get prices from, and when you click the “Search Deals” button you’ll get as many new windows open as the number of vendors you chose. It’s that simple – you can ignore everything else on the page.

If, on the other hand, you’ve got a specific hotel in mind that you want to stay in, choose the city from the main list and then find the hotel’s name listed alphabetically on that page. When you click on the hotel’s name, you’ll get a little pop-up box with the identical search box that’s at the top of the page, only with this search box it’s only going to be looking for deals on the hotel you’ve selected. It’ll still give you the option of choosing multiple vendors so you can compare prices, but you’ll only be looking at information about the price and availability of the hotel you chose.

You’ll find listings for hotels all over Ireland, from the most popular tourist cities like Dublin, Cork, Kilkenny, Galway, Waterford and Limerick, to the smaller towns all over the country. The most visited places are listed at the top of the main Ireland hotels page, but just scroll down to find the rest of the cities listed.