June in Dublin – Events, Weather and Travel Tips

june-in-dublin1June summer breaks in the city of Dublin are perfect for people who wants to avoid the extremes of other European city travel destinations like Paris and Madrid. The city offers fine weather that is ideal for comfy wandering and sightseeing.

In spite of Dublin’s weather, which is surely will never compete with Seville or Rome when it comes to sunshine, the city stays famous for short breaks all throughout the year. This is probably not just because of the events and activities which the city is home to, but also of the good humor and personality of all Dublin locals.

June Events in Dublin

Bloomsday Festival – The celebrations of Bloomsday normally takesplace for a week, from June 10 to 16. During the day, it is customary to wear smart clothes and go out. Locals visit the site of the book and join in readings, walks and cordial activities of all kinds that will somehow connect with Ulysses, the world and its author (James Joyce). Each year in June, Dublin commemorates the epic novel Ulysses of Joyce.

Darklight Festival – This event has brought fresh and stimulating work to audiences of Ireland by performance, exhibition and cinema and to the worldwide audience thorough the Touring Program and Internet. Darklight started as a chance for filmmakers and artists employing on new innovations to display their masterpieces and share their concepts and has developed to become one of the most significant arts festivals of the year. The event motivates the contribution of local filmmakers of Ireland while also presenting international work. It is now encompassing an online presence, video festival and biennial film, regular exhibits, conferences, seminars and workshops commencing debates on all phases of digital arts as well as film-making from technology and practice to copyright, education and distribution.

Dublin Writers Festival – during the first week of June, 2010, Dublin Writers Festival will commemorate the finest of writers, both national and international. This event will provide a special chance for spectators to experience top rate live literature by means of discussions, multimedia, readings and talks that will feature famous poets and writers.

June Weather in Dublin

Temperatures during June in Dublin are perfect for relaxing walking and comfortable sightseeing. Average daylight hours for the city show that the sunniest month is in early summer and that includes the month of June. The month actually enjoys up to 6 hours of sunlight each day of the summer.

Avg. high 63°F/17.22°C
Avg. low F49°F/9.44°C
Avg. precipitation 2.20 inches/5.58cm

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Getting Here

June tends to be the most costly time to travel to Dublin. You must consider booking the airfare to Dublin in advance (even up to several months). In that way, you are not only guaranteed of your flight but you are also given the chance to get whatever discount or deal the airline offers.

Where to Stay

Dublin is known as one of the expensive cities in Europe. But you don’t have to worry as there are still reliable ways that can help you reduce you travel costs. Like with your accommodation, Dublin has a lot of options from which you can choose. They have hotels, B & Bs and hostels available at a very affordable rate. The key in order to get such an affordable place to stay is to actually look for them and book for a reservation.