Find a hostel in Ireland

galwayhostel.jpgEver needed to find an Ireland hostel, but didn’t want to read a million reviews to see which ones suck and which ones don’t?

Then you’re in luck, the Boots boys (the parents of this site) have just upgraded their Irish hostel listings with quick-glance ratings (like and the top hostels for Irish cities prominently listed first.

So far they’ve only done top Dublin hostels with the new system, but they plan to add Cork and Galway next.

Ireland being so small and sparsely populated (outside of Dublin, that is), I’d suggest they do a provincial best of (Leinster/Ulster/Connacht/Munster) or regional (south/west/north). After all, within such areas it’s only an hour or two drive from place to place most times and regional top listings may help folks plan their Irish itineraries.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go check it out!