Isaacs – Trekker’s Hostel Highlights

Walking under the train tracks you start to doubt the area but turn a corner into a tiny alley and you come face to face with something straight out of a movie. Elegant tendrils of ivy cover most of the old stone walls of this Ireland Hostel and there is an air of a country lane. Entering Isaacs, the interesting stone work in the reception is the first thing to catch your eye.

The location of Isaacs Hostel is just a hop skip and jump from the train station and across the road from the public bus to the airport. On the down side, the train tracks literally go right over the hostel and a few of the rooms rattle a bit during running hours.

There are 3 floors and a basement and no elevator. This means a lot of walking when the swipe cards start acting up. There is around 300 beds of varying sizes and all the bathrooms are shared. On that note, there are no girl bathrooms on the 3rd floor, which became rather annoying. On the whole I was quite happy with the hostel, it is on the older side and is in the process of updating, but the staff is friendly and rooms are clean. Free breakfast is very very basic and often runs out before the end, so first come first serve. The Isaacs Deli is located right next to reception and while it is a little spendy, the fair is delicious.

There are 2 common rooms, one is up in reception and is more of the eating area. The other one is in the basement, in what were the old wine cellars, there are comfy couches and a TV but the darker environment does not encourage conversation. However, there is live music on weekends, organized BBQs and the occasional party.

One thing to make a note of is the presence of the SAUNA!!! Yes you read right, there is a sauna and it is free every day from 6pm to 9pm. While I did not partake in this luxury there were many who did.

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2-5 Frenchmans Lane
Dublin 1

Telephone: +353 1 8556215





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