Shining Hostel – Trekker’s Hostel Highlights

EntranceYou might expect Jack Nicolson hiding around the corner with a name like The Shining, and there might have been a little bit of a strange feeling there, but it is simply an Ireland hostel located in the heart of Chinatown. Presently under new ownership, the hostel is under renovations and the signage out front is all but non-existent. Presently just a few pieces of rain streaked paper.

This is the first hostel I have seen with triple decker bunks and I was afraid. Well it does maximize the use of space but crikey I would be afraid to climb up there sober. Not to mention the middle person would have to be someone of great balance and dexterity, both of which I lack on my best days. In most of the rooms there are double decker bunks and the mattresses seem very cushy.

On the upside, there is an outside area that will hopefully soon have a BBQ, the kitchen and common area is new and swanky (though lacks some comfy chairs), there is free internet and Wi-Fi and a restaurant will be opening soon. However there is no laundry and the staff seemed a little distracted. In other words this might not be my first choice of hostel.

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90-92 Marlborough St
Dublin, Ireland





Common Area