May in Dublin – Events, Weather and Travel Tips

may-in-dublinYou’re fortunate if you are planning a vacation in Dublin . Many know little (or nothing) about this beautiful city so it’s time to shed some light. Dublin is far more extensive and unexpectedly, far less discovered that a lot of people believe. And for someone of who decided to go to Dublin in May, you probably have enough knowledge of what the city has to give.

May Event in Dublin

Woman World 2010 – This event is the most significant demonstration for beauty industry. It is basically an opportunity to create or engage in the field of beauty business in a recently opened market. The beauty of a woman gets more essential by time and products for women that continue to dominate the market becomes the most vital. This event will take place on May 28 to 30, 2010 at the RDS Irish International Convention and Exhibition.

May Weather in Dublin

Generally the month of May is one of the sunniest months of Dublin each year. It typically has five to seven hours of sunlight every day.

Avg. High 58°F/15°C
Avg. Low 45°F/7°C
Avg. Precipitation 1.62 inches/4.11 cm

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Getting Here

If you wish to make sure that you obtain the most affordable deal available on your flights to Dublin, it is crucial to look around. Do not just believe that budget carriers offer the great deals. Normally by that time you factor the rate of flight to the remote airports that most budget carriers employ, the rate on scheduled trip could be less expensive. In general, you can find all of the budget carriers provide low fares in the middle of the week. Schedule you departure date in the morning or for the last flight in the evening for the great opportunity to obtain cheap flights.

In order to take advantage of the best airfare to Dublin at cheaper rate, you must book as advance since the economy seats are usually sold first. Book your flight at least a month or two prior to your intended departure date in May as it will cost you with reduced airfare. It is also important that you are flexible with your departure date and times as you are likely to get a reasonably priced flight.

Where to Stay

So, where would you stay while in Dublin in May? Actually, the city has plenty of hotels and accommodations ready for the guests. The city has some pretty expensive pillows and you will never get changes out of a €200 for the best bedrooms in the hub of Dublin. The midrange room will amount to up to €100 in May. But if your budget is tight, you may choose to stay in a hostel where the bed rooms only costs about €13. Otherwise, you can just choose the fleapits located at the north tip of Gardiner St. If you are willing to experience a little of taxi trauma or the public transport, accommodations on the north part of the city would be more reasonable for your funds.