Apartments in Ireland

apartmentIf you are not one of those people who flits from town to town after only a couple of days looking around, if you prefer to get to know a place more slowly, or if you just appreciate only having to unpack once and then taking day trips from one centrally-located home base, you are going to really love the idea of renting an apartment in Ireland.

With an apartment in Ireland, you will have the freedom to really explore the area more fully, without any pressures of time limits or thoughts of finding a hotel in the next town. An apartment rental is the perfect home base from which to make day trips into the countryside or to nearby cities and sights, and the best part is you do not have to keep packing and unpacking your bags!

Families traveling with children often find that renting an apartment instead of booking a hotel makes travel much easier. You will have your own kitchen in an apartment, where you can whip up meals for little ones who are uncomfortable eating anything but their familiar foods – and where you can cook something for yourself after you have tried black pudding and not found it to your liking!

Speaking of apartments having their own kitchens, if you are a budget traveler this is a great way to save money when you travel – cook at least some of your own meals. Many towns in Ireland have great local food markets and shops where you can pick up everything you need to cook for yourself. And cooking for yourself is always going to be cheaper than eating out all the time. Apartments can also be a money-saver if you are traveling in a group and can split the costs between everyone in your group.

Staying in one place for longer than a few days gives you a chance to really get to know it – to find your “local” pub, go there every afternoon and make friends. There is no better way to make sure your vacation in Ireland is memorable than by making personal connections, and having an apartment in Ireland is a great way to do that.