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moherPlanning a vacation in Ireland is going to be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. You could spend ages plotting out exactly what you are going to do every moment of your trip, or you could leave with nothing more than your plane ticket – but most of you will land somewhere in between those two extremes. So how can you plan the best Ireland vacation without spending all your time on it? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Decide where you want to go. Ireland may not look like a big country on a world map, but there is enough ground to cover that unless you have an unlimited amount of time to visit, you will need to figure out which parts of the country you want to see. With a two-week trip, you could make a driving tour of some of the coastline, but not necessarily see much of the interior or spend much more than a day or two in each city along the way. You could also just as easily spend a week in Dublin and a week in another city, taking day-trips from there to nearby sights. Choosing the parts of Ireland which you want to see is the first step in planning what you want to do while you are there.
  • Prioritize your “must see” list. Once you have come up with the things you absolutely have to see during your vacation to Ireland, the next step is to put them in order. Do this knowing that it is extremely unlikely that you will get to everything on your list (unless you only have a few things, in which case you will have lots of free time!), so there will probably be things at the bottom of your list that you will need to save for your next visit to Ireland. But make sure the things at the bottom of the list are not things that you will regret not seeing this time, or they should be moved up.
  • Taking an Ireland tour is a good option. Your time is valuable, and if you would prefer to let someone else do the planning so you can just go on your Ireland vacation without having to think about it, then signing up for a small group tour of Ireland may be just the way to go. These tours may not include every single thing you would have seen had you planned your own trip, but they will also probably introduce you to some amazing sights that you would never have heard of on your own.

Whatever you choose to see during your Ireland trip, you will likely come home wanting to see more. This country has an addictive quality, and the more you know of it the more you will want to know. So when you are packing your bags for your return flight, do not pack the Ireland tour guide in your checked luggage – carry it onto the plane so you can start planning your next Ireland vacation right away.

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