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Sesame Street as Gaeilge!

Irish muppetsSo we have been watching an awful lot of Sesame Street here in our house. Sesame Street or, “EH-MO!” as the munchkin refers to it.

Imagine my excitement when I saw that Ireland’s Irish television network is going to produce a version of the show here in Ireland as gaeilge and are currently holding auditions for voices on their website. It is a personal dream of mine to do voice-over work for the muppets (though I’d settle for radio or maybe a cartoon show . . . ).

Sadly, I will not be among the applicants, no matter how I have perfected my Count and Kermit voices – I couldn’t waste their time. Tragically, my US education has not provided me with the ability to read Irish competently. Even if I nailed it I would, no doubt, cause all kinds of headaches trying to stumble through the scripts. *sigh*

Cest la vie or, eh, I should say, sin mar atá.