Flights to Dublin Airport

Most travelers visiting Ireland will begin their trips with flights to Dublin Airport (airport code DUB). Dublin’s Airport is the largest and busiest in the country – the airport served more than 23 million people alone in 2007, and this is in a country where the entire populartion is not even 4.5 million!

What does this flurry of traffic through Ireland’s main airport mean for you? Well, it means that flights to Dublin Airport are frequent and you will have lots of choices when you are planning your trip. And remember, even if you are not planning to spend much (if any) time in Dublin, Dublin Airport is still likely to be the main point of entry for you. You can then catch a short flight from Dublin’s airport to any other airport in the country.

Flights to Dublin Airport may be frequent, but they are not always going to be cheap. Dublin is an incredibly popular tourist destination – even to people who live in Europe – especially for long holiday weekends. If your trip happens to fall over one of these weekends, you may find yourself paying higher prices for flights to Dublin Airport than you might otherwise. You may also find yourself dealing with much bigger crowds, both at the airport and the local sights.

Dublin Airport lies roughly 10km from the city center, and its name is “Aerfort Bhaile Átha Cliath” in Irish. It is the home airport for the national airline of Ireland, Aer Lingus, and also where Ryanair (one of Europe’s primary budget airlines) has its headquarters. CityJet, while not based at Dublin Airport, is based nearby. For a list of all the airlines flying in and out of Dublin Airport (along with the destinations served), see this page on the airport’s official website. Dublin Airport is one of two European airports with US border pre-clearance facilities, meaning US passengers returning home can get their customs paperwork taken care of before they even board their plane.