Best Irish Jokes of the year

Irelandlogue has an anniversary

Starting in January, I began posting an Irish Joke of the day every Monday. The majority of them were paraphrased from jokes I’d heard around Athlone, a few I even made up myself.

In any case, I thought it might be interesting to have a look and see which were the favourites.

According to my web statistics, the most popular Irish joke posted on is . . .

#1 The 10 Pints of Guinness joke. Interesting – this is a pretty common joke, I’ve heard it told a number of times. I guess there’s a reason.

The other top nine were . . .

#2 The Collision. Hmm. A bit of turnaround where Paddy Irishman actually makes a fool of someone else . . . in this case, a hapless Englishman. I posted this one back in May, so it’s got some staying power.

#3 Signs you’ve been in your Irish town too long. I completely stole this one, lock stock and barrel from the web site where I read it. The poster had no idea who originally wrote it and neither do I.

#4 Yankee Policeman in Ireland. I can’t remember whether I made this one up or heard someone tell a similar joke and adapted it. I told it a few times before posting it here to great effect. I always wondered whether it would be as funny outside of Ireland . . .

#5 God’s Hotline. Kuch posted this one on my mySpace page – fair play.

#6 Top 15 signs you’ve been in Athlone too long. I made this one up, inspired by #3. It would seem I’ve some readership in Athlone, anyway. *grin*

#7 Top 10 signs you’re being stalked by a leprechaun. I found this on the web somewhere, loved the idea but didn’t think it was executed very well. I re-wrote it (took out the Lucky Charms references, etc) and this was the result.

#8 Irish veterinarian. Ciaran told me this one in Sean’s Bar one Sunday. I thought it was very like the kind of lame joke my dad might tell – the kind where you groan and laugh at the same time.

#9 Cheap Therapy. Siameasy told me this one, the filthy bastard. This was was posted back in March, so it’s the oldest on this list.

#10 A Terrible Thing. I had heard this before, told differently. But when Woodsy told me this one in Sean’s Bar I decided to go with his version.

I’m really surprised that Lucky Pig and two clever didn’t make the list, but not surprised that the joke that made wifey laugh the most (the escapee) didn’t, because I think an awful lot of that joke is hearing it told in the local midland Irish accent. But man, she laughed about that one for, like, 3 days the first time she heard it told.

I’m amazed that over the last year I never told the worst Irish joke I’ve ever heard. Since I’ve let it go so long, I might as well share it here. I realise as I go to type this that this is the kind of joke that only works if you say it out loud in a REALLY bad Irish accent:

Why does Irish chilli have only 239 beans?
Because if it had one more, it’d be too farty.