Irish Joke of the day – Cheap Therapy

An Irishman and a woman arrive at a relationship therapist’s office and explain that they are having trouble with their intimate matters. After some discussion, the couple make it clear that they would like it if the doctor would be willing to observe them in the act, something he reluctantly agrees to do. After the first session, he assures them that everything seems to be fine, charges them his €50 fee and sees them off on their way.

He’s surprised when, the next week, the distressed couple show up again, insisting he give them a second opinion. As he has already accommodated them once, he agrees, and after the second session he again assures the couple that everything is certainly working as it should, charges them his €50 fee and bids them goodbye.

When the couple show up the next week he begins to suspect there’s something odd going on. He confronts the man, who finally confesses,

“Well, doctor, my girlfriend is married, so we can’t be together at her house. I am as well, so my place is out of the question. The TravelLodge charges €127 a night and the local hotel €175. Here we can safely be together, it only costs €50 and I get €43 of that back from the VHI!”