Irish Joke of the day – Two clever

Paddy Irishman frequented a busy pub near his home. The problem he would have is that every time he got up to go for a cigarette someone would end up drinking his pint before he got back.

One day Paddy resolved to stop this from happening. He came equipped to the pub that night with a pen and a piece of paper. When he decided it was time to get up and go for a cigarette he produced his pen and paper and wrote,

“I spat in this.”

Folding the paper so the note was clearly visible, he hung it from the edge of his mostly full pint and went to enjoy his cigarette.

When he returned he was relieved to find his pint untouched, the paper still hanging from the lip of the glass. But when he sat down he saw that someone else had written something on the paper. Underneath his note it now read:

“I spat in it too.”