R.E.M. in the midlands?

R.E.M.Do you recall back last October when rumours that Michael Jackson was in Ireland to do some recording with Black-Eyed Peas Will. I. Am. were floating about (rumours later confirmed)? Well, now it would seem that R.E.M. are in the neighbourhood, visiting Grouse Lodge, the same studio that Jackson and Mr. Am were in (did I mention I designed the Grouse Lodge’s business cards?).

*ahem* AAANNYway, I’ll tell ya, the Irish midlands are becoming celebrity central. What with Micheal Jackson, The Black-Eyed Peas, Tom Cruise and now R.E.M. . . . who’s next, David Beckham?

Oh no, wait – he’s in LA enjoying all the lovely concrete, smog and botox they have there.