Michael Jackson in Westmeath?

So I picked up one of the local papers and the front page states that “sources” have revealed that Michael Jackson is recording his next album here in Ireland at Grouse Lodge Studios. Grouse Lodge is an extremely posh recording studio boasting such clients as Bonnie Rait and The Frames. It doubles as a spa and hotel for recording studio clients. Jackson, however, the article claims, is not staying at Grouse Lodge, he’s rented out Luggala Castle for a whopping €30,000 a week.

Must be nice to be rich and weird.

Speaking of weird, there were news reports a while back about Jackson moving to Ireland and building a leprechaun theme park of all things. I have to give the local paper the “stretching for an alliterative title” award for their article. It reads, “Wacko Jacko’s Westmeath wanderings.”

Somebody had a long day at the office.

God help us.