Newest swans on the Shannon

swan family with swanlings on the river Shannon in AthloneAs I mentioned a few posts ago that feeding adult swans might not be the best idea, I thought I’d follow up on how those little swanlings are doing.

As you can see from the picture here I took last week, they’re no longer quite so little! Yes, the Shannon swan family is safe and healthy, those little swanlings have done well on their diet of tourist snacks and Shannon vegetation.

Yesterday the munchkin and I were out for a stroll along the Shannon and up from the bank came the swan family like some kind of waterfowl mafia, quite aggresively demanding some of the bread the munchkin was noshing on. She obliged, hilariously enough. It might sound silly, but a four-foot swan is a beast to be reckoned with, I’ll tell ya!

In any case, I thought I’d remind ye all of how the swanlings looked back in June when they were just little balls of fuzz. Awwwww.