Baby ducks!

baby swans and ducks on the river shannon in athloneBabies!

Yes, just in time for tourist season the waterfowl of the mighty river Shannon have started to bring their nestlings out for a swim. Swanlings, ducklings and loads of fuzzy peeping cuteness.

So, if you happen to be passing the anywhere along the Shannon, swing bankside for some fuzzy cuteness.

In Athlone, the Swans tend to congregate below the weir and can usually be found at it’s southeast footprint around Burgess Park. You can also spot families up the nature trail on the town’s northwest bank of the river.

Oh yeah, keep a polite distance – mother swans are protective of their young and a serious blow from one of their wings can break a man’s arm. Also, back home I’m sure the local rangers would encourage you not to feed bread to waterfowl as it’s not a healthy part of their diet. Here in Ireland I think the idea still applies, but just like the bay area, loads of Irish people still sprinkle baked offerings into the Shannon waters in hopes of a closer glimpse of the fuzziness.