Irish joke of the day – Top 15 Signs you’ve been in Athlone too long

Inspired by last week’s post on signs you’ve been in your Irish town too long, I’ve made a list up for Athlone. Additional suggestions are welcome! Enjoy:

The Top 15 Signs you’ve been in Athlone too long

15. You’re annoyed when travel guides describe Athlone as being “west of Dublin.”
14. You know what “bog hole jumping” is.
13. The dual carriageway bypass is still called “the new road.”
12. You chuckle internally when visitors pronounce it “ATH-loan.”
11. You and yours pronounce it, “the tay-HEWN.”
10. You know anyone who has actually had a drink in Moran’s pub (on Church street next to Ulster Bank).
9. You own a copy of “Love?” by Donna and Joe McCaul.
8. Rayner’s is still a “new pub” in your mind.
7. You miss Ginkel’s nightclub.
6. You still refer to the internet cafe in town as “interpoint.”
5. You had your first drink in your local a good 5 years before you were of legal age.
4. You have had serious discussions on whether Genoa or Alfredos has the best chips.
3. You’ve met Foster and Allen.
2. You have a vague sense of superiority over people from Moate.
1. You’re actually from Moate.