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Cottages in Ireland

cottageWhen you think of renting a house in Ireland, what is the most romantic vision that comes to mind? It is certainly a picture of a cottage in Ireland that you think of, complete with thatched roof and whitewashed walls, settled peacefully into the beautiful green hillsides. You might think that such pictures are just the stuff of fantasy, or that you could never find a cottage like that to rent for yourself – but you would be wrong.

It is not only possible to find the stereotypical Irish cottage here and there throughout the countryside, it is also possible to rent them for your own vacation to Ireland. Of course, not every single cottage is going to be have that perfect thatched roof or idyllic surroundings, but they will all give you the sense that you are living in Ireland and not just passing through.

While you may find some Irish cottages that cost more than you want to spend, these are not reserved only for the rich and famous. On the contrary, renting a cottage in Ireland can be a great way to save money when you travel. If you are traveling as part of a group, either friends or family, sharing the costs of the cottage rental automatically make it a more economical choice – especially when you consider that the costs would be so much greater if you were trying to book a hotel room for everyone in your party.

Another way an Ireland cottage rental helps you save money is that you will have access to your own kitchen in which you can cook some of your own meals – which is always cheaper than eating out. And if you are traveling with small children, having your own kitchen will be a life saver. Have you ever tried to get a picky child to eat blood sausage? Rest assured, being able to make some jam on toast will be a welcome alternative to saying, “Just try a little bite” one more time.

Using a centrally-located cottage as home base and taking day trips to explore the region is a much more relaxed way to travel than spending only a day or two in each place. You can get to know an area more fully, and as an added bonus you only need to unpack once! Plus – and this might be the best part – you can become part of a community, if only for a short time, and even become a short-term “regular” at the local pub.