Hostels in Ireland

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dublinIreland is one of those places that makes people smile when they think of their past visits there; whether it is the warmth of a good Irish whiskey or a pint of Guinness or the warmth of the legendary Irish hospitality depends on who you talk to, but pretty much everyone remembers Ireland fondly.

That is all well and good, except that all those people who visit Ireland have made the country more and more expensive to travel in. Dublin in particular is notoriously expensive. And yet there are more tourists in Ireland than residents every year. How do they afford the visit? Well, many of them take advantage of that hospitality and stay in hostels in Ireland.

Now, before you assume that hostels are just for young people, let us assure you those days are gone. Sure, a few Ireland hostels will have some kind of age limit for their guests, but most hostels are for budget travelers of any age – even if they have the words “youth hostel” in them! Hostels in Ireland are perfect for travelers who want to save money and meet other travelers at the same time. They can be especially nice if you are traveling solo and are looking for some company. And if sleeping in the typical dorm style hostel rooms does not sound appealing to you, most hostels will also offer a limited number of private rooms (some even with private bathrooms) for a small extra fee.

As is the case in other touristy places, Ireland hostels that are located further away from the city center or the area’s main attractions are likely to be cheaper than hostels that are in the middle of everything. If budget is your primary concern, you should look at hostels that are a bit out of the main tourist areas. Just be sure that there is adequate public transportation so you can get back and forth easily. If you do not mind spending a little extra, you can get a place within walking distance of everything you want to see and do. It is just a matter of what your preference and price range is.

To begin your search for the right Ireland hostel, just plug your travel information into the search engine on this page. Then you will get a list of only the hostels in Ireland that have beds available when you need them. Each one will have a description about its location and amenities which should help you decide which one is perfect for you.

We hope you have a great time in Ireland! If you need more information about visiting this beautiful country, you can book your Ireland airfare, read traveler’s stories about Ireland and keep up with daily life on this Ireland Travel Guide.