Off to Cork!

Cork County CrestWell, tomorrow we’re off for a week to Cork and Kinsale.

I’ll be doing my best to keep the blog up on the road. Unlike a few years ago, internet cafes are quite common in Ireland now. I’m pretty stoked about the trip, actually. The primary reason for my visit is to interview the brewers at The Franciscan Well and Kinsale Brewery with the intention of publishing a book about Irish brewing. We also plan to pop in to the not-actually-a-brewery-tour tour of the Beamish brewery. We’ll see how it all pans out.

It will also be a test of travelling with the munchkin, who has just turned 8 months old. The last time we were in Cork was last fall. Wifey and I were living the rock n’ roll lifestyle, crashing in hostels and on friends’ couches while touring to support the release of our debut album. This time, the in-laws are visiting, the itinerary is definately more tourism-oriented and we’ll experience first hand how family-friendly these places are with the munchkin in tow.

Catch ya on the road!