Beheamoth further obscures blogger’s view

Athlone beheamoth attacks the shannonIt won’t be long now. A number of months ago, I blogged about the last time I noticed our view disappearing behind this beheamoth. Well, the march of progress and all that, I suppose.

The luxury condominiums’ skeleton continues to rise from the bog alongside the Shannon, despite the possible extinction of the corncrake that used to nest on that land.

You can just see the last of our river view disappearing behind the iron uprights there.

I can’t say whether it’s true, but I heard that when the big storm hit us some weeks back there and blew down the wall between our carpark and the construction site that some local lads may have snuck in there through the newly opened gap and impregnated the hollow foundations of the beheamoth with a healthy dose of working class urine.