Illness and construction

beheamoth of the Shannon

I woke this morning with an achy head, joints and a sore throat. Wifey got up extra early to deliver the grandparents to Dublin airport.

You lose the in-laws and get a flu virus. Is the universe fair?

(just kidding, Sue)

I dragged the aul carcass out of bed and headed downstairs for some vitamin (pronounced “VIHT-uh-min” here, as I’m constantly reminded) C. Staring out the kitchen window I saw that the beheamoth next door is well underway. That’s right, despite objections to its progress that claimed the area was nesting land for a couple of rare birds, it looks like this multi-million euro development of condominiums facing their own private bay and yacht berths off the River Shannon will be ready for occupation next year some time.

For some reason, staring through my sickness out the window at this mass of iron and concrete rising beside the mists of the river really depressed me. I pulled my robe a bit tighter and headed into the living room for some serious laying around on the couch.