All-Ireland Senior Football Final

Start your engines, Irish sports fans – Kerry will play Mayo today in the All-Ireland Senior Irish Football final.

1951 was the last year Mayo had a senior all-Ireland win (of only 3 wins in their history) and the county is absolutely humming with anticipation. I, myself, have seen Mayo supporters shimmering slightly as they walked along the streets. Kerry, on the other hand, has 33 all-Ireland wins and is the generally favoured team in today’s game. Given Mayo’s fantastic win over Dublin, it looks like this could be the year that Mayo does it.

Bust out the accordian – here’s a brand-spanking new song composed following that 26 August win: My Old Mayo Home

Truth be told, I have no real affiliation with either county and only a sketchy understanding of Gaelic football, but I’ve always been one to root for the underdog. So, Come on, Mayo! Here’s for Danny and my cousin Pat:

Sam for Mayo“…so boys pull together,
in all kinds of weather,
don’t show the white feather,
wherever you go – be like a brother,
and help one another,
like true-hearted men from the county Mayo”