Triple S

Triple S sandwich and smoothie shop in athloneI had to do a post on this place because I’ve been eating my lunches there an awful lot lately and it’s not just the proximity to my place of employment – sure, Supermacs is closer!

Triple S stands for Salads, sandwiches and smoothies, which is exactly what they do. For €4.95 you get a massive salad with four ingredients of your choosing. I usually go for warm chicken, olives, broccoli and peppers with oil and vinegar – mm. My only criticism on the salad front is that all their salads are built from a base of iceberg-like lettuce. I would much prefer spinach or some sort of healthier mixed leaves but, that said, the crunchy leaves make an acceptable base.

Their sandwiches can be toasted (the chicken ceasar toasted sandwich is mm mm good) or not, whatever you prefer. Their smoothies are not the thick beasts my californian mouth is used to, but can be tasty in a watery kind of way. Hey, fresh fruit in Ireland is always grown elsewhere, it’s just nice that you can get it at all.

One of the best things is their “to go” (not “takeaway,” which would be the appropriate anglo phrase) window there on the right – order over the phone and cruise by on your bike to avoid the queue. Nice!