Get thee to a butcher!

irish rashers and irish sausages on the grillSo there you are in your self-catering Irish accommodation and you think, “Hey, I’ll pop down to the supermarket and get everything I need for breakfast!”

May I suggest doing otherwise?

It used to be that you’d get your bread from a baker, your newspaper from the newsagent, your beer from your publican and your meat from your butcher. No longer, poor old Ireland is going the way of the USA and supermarkets carrying shelves of name and store-brand shopping items are springing up even in small villages. Stop the madness! Let’s talk about the Irish butcher.

First off, he can tell you where his meat is from – he probably knows the farmer. Secondly, he probably has his own recipe for his sausages, rashers, etc. Third, you can be sure his meat is fresh. Fourth – you may be surprised to discover that the butcher is cheaper than the supermarket.

Tastier, fresher, cheaper? What’s not to like?

When in Ireland do as the Irish do – get thee to a butcher for thine meat!