Flanagans Fast Food in Ballymahon

Flanagan's Fast Food in BallymahonIt was one of those weekends when you find yourself in Ballymahon for some musical event or another.

VE leaned across the table with a brown bag of chips. A heavenly aroma wafted from the open end.

“Chip, Sean?”

Folks I am here to tell you that that heavenly little golden sliver was possibly one of the best chips I’d had in Ireland. Within short order I had managed to demolish most of poor VE’s chip stock. Guiltily, I enquired where he had procured the little brown bag so I might replentish our stock.

Flanagan’s Fast Food is not a chain of chip shops, it is a small, family-run little chipper in Ballymahon and it makes some absolutely mouth-watering, artery-clogging wonderfulness. And the locals know it – there’s a reason a small queue usually greets you inside the door.

With the plentiful chipper options in Ballymahon, it would be easy to gravitate toward a brighter, newer shopfront but my friend, I am here to tell you: if you pass by the nondescript, unassuming little Flanagan’s chipper down near the end of town you are passing a superlative chipper experience.