The Skeff Bar, Galway

The Skeff bar upstairs fireplaceTaking up a huge footprint on the west side of Eyre Square in Galway is the Skeff Bar.

Upstairs is the Skeffington Arms, an exclusively-priced hotel with aging rooms. Downstairs, however, is the impressive Skeff Bar. Everywhere there is skirting and molding. Kind golden lighting provides enough light to function without impeding on the natural ambiance. The huge floor area is broken into charming little nooks and crannies.

Fireplaces, cushions and dark wood are the order of the day. A giant chandelier swings just beside the staircase. Upstairs is more of the same with additional bars and rooms filled with Victorian furniture and mosaic inlays.

The skeff barThe scale and layout of this bar is truly impressive, even the bathrooms are extravagantly furnished. You can hardly miss the extended green front of this bar on Eyre Square, it’s freaking massive.

Toilet in The Skeff Bar, galwayOutside of the Skeff Bar in Galway