Busker Brown’s and the best hot chocolate in Ireland

Busker Brown'sIt was the year 2002. Wifey and I were in Galway and the rain, she was pouring down. There was nothing for it, wifey said, except a cup of hot chocolate.

It turned out that hot chocolate was not the easiest thing to find in Galway in 2002. We happened upon Busker Brown’s. It’s a modern pub/restaurant just off shop street in Galway. It boasts a spacious interior and an intimate live music venue on the very top floor. For some reason on that wet day back in 2002 that hot chocolate was the best we’d ever tasted.

Busker Brown's hot chocolateGiven the opportunity recently on another wet day in Galway, the 15-year-old vietnamese boy, the munchkin and I sought shelter from the elements in Busker Browns and had a chance to sample the ambrosia that is thier hot chocolate; it was every bit as good as it was those years ago.

I asked the bartender and he told me a bit about their secret: the steamed milk on top includes a number of marshmellows and the fresh cocoa powder is mixed with vanilla flavouring for that little something unusual.

Fair play to them, it’s a fabulous cup of hot chocolate.