Hire a Phone in Ireland?

The Vodafone store in Dublin AirportJust not done. Oh, a few years ago a few places were trying it, but it’s too cheap nowadays to just buy one.

Remember that in Ireland all incoming calls are free (yes, FREE) to mobile phones and there’s no such thing as roaming charges. Chances are you’d end up spending as much on a hired phone anyway.

I checked with Tourist Information in Dublin airport and they told me there were no companies that hired phones. However, I found this website offering an Irish phone hire service at €75 a week with just €10 phone credit.

But why do that when the Vodafone shop on the ground level of the airport will sell you a new phone and SIM card with €20 credit for just €60?

I think you see what I mean.

Alternatively, you could come with your quad-band phone from wherever you hail from and purchase an Irish SIM card for €20.

So many options, so little time.