Getting from Dublin to London (and return)

Many travelers who visit Dublin also plan to cross the Irish Sea and visit London. With the increase of low cost flights between Ireland and England and thanks to the competition, it’s become cheap and fast to travel between the two capitals. On the other hand, those who want to travel at a slower pace can choose the train and ferry.

Quick summary

Thanks to the intense competition on the very popular Dublin to London route, it’s possible to fly between the two cities for fare starting at €18* per person, one way. In about 1h ½ you’ll get to the desired destination.

If, on the other hand, you want to take it slowly and enjoy the views, there are the trains. Or the cars. But remember that you do have to cross the Irish Sea, so add a ferry into the mix. Fares start at €45 per person, one way for a combined rail and ferry ticket.

Flights from Dublin (airport code: DUB) to London

Dublin Airport is the busiest airport in Ireland and a hub for the low cost carrier Ryanair. Some of the other airlines which use this airport as hub are: Aer Lingus, Monarch Airlines and Thomson Airways.

There are direct flights to all airports serving the capital of Great Britain: London Gatwick (Aer Lingus, Ryanair), London Heathrow (Aer Lingus, bmi) , London City (City Jet), London Luton (Ryanair) and London Stansted (Ryanair).

During the shoulder season (November 2011) , you can find flights from Dublin to London Stansted starting at €18 per person, one way. The flights are operated by Ryanair and the travel time is 1h 20 min. For the same price you can fly to Luton (1h 5 min) or Gatwick (1h 30 min). Return flights during the same month start at €38 per person.

For next summer (June 2012), expect to pay from €29 per person, one way. The flights are operated by BMI and you’ll land on London Heathrow. Roundtrip flights start at €78 per person on the same airline. But do keep in mind that low cost carriers do not list fares that far in advance so if you book 4-6 weeks prior to departure it may possible to find better deals.

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Trains and ferries from Dublin to London

It is possible to travel from Dublin to London overland, by train and ferry.
First, you need to get from the hotel or hostel to the Dublin Ferryport, which is located 2 miles from the city center. There’s a shuttle departing from the main bus station and the ticket is €2.50 for an adult and €1.25 for a child.

Now take the ferry to Holyhead. There are two companies which run daily connections between Dublin and Holyhead: Irish Ferries and Stena Line . The travel time is 3 h 15 min. The tickets start at €30 for an adult one way

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From Holyhead, take the intercity train to London. You’ll arrive at London’s Euston station. There are daily connections between the two cities.

You can buy combined rail and ferry tickets at any rail station in Ireland, or you can buy them online, from either ferry company mentioned above. Prices start at €45 per person, one way and the tickets are valid on specified vessels.

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Driving from Dublin to London

It is possible to rent a car and drive all the way to London. Of course, you’ll have to take the ferry in order to cross the Irish Sea.

The ferry leaves from Dublin Port and arrive in Holyhead. If you travel with a compact car, expect to pay from £98.00 for an adult and the car, depending on the vessel you choose.

The total travel time, including the ferry crossing, is about 8 hours. Take into account that you’ll be driving on toll roads.

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Note: * fares valid at the time the article was written

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