Finding Public Toilets in Ireland

As any traveler knows, finding clean public bathrooms that are safe and don’t charge for use is sometimes a hassle. So when I recently heard about a website that collects information about public bathrooms, I immediately knew I’d like it. And when I read the tag-line for The Bathroom Diaries – “When Nature Calls, even intrepid travels prefer a comfortable reply” – I liked it even more.

Ireland is among the countries for whom you’ll find lists of public bathrooms, and although not every city is listed, you’ll find information about public toilets in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Killarney, and Sligo (among others). For each city, you’ll find a list of the public toilets as submitted by (ahem) users, along with important things to know about each one. You’ll learn when said bathrooms are open, what the fee is, whether they’re clean & safe, and an overall rating – as well as the location of the bathroom, of course.

Unfortunately, I’m not seeing a way to check this information on a mobile device (unless you’ve got an iPhone or something, of course), but before you head out for a night on the town in Dublin, for instance, it wouldn’t hurt to check out the list of the public toilets in Dublin and at least make a few mental notes of the ones which are good and (maybe more importantly) the ones which are disgusting.

And if you’ve discovered a great public bathroom in Ireland that’s not listed on the site, you can submit it, too.

Public bathroom listings for: