BootsnAll TV Features Ireland Videos

The folks at BootsnAll (who host this fine Ireland travel guide) have been dipping their toes into the internet TV pool lately. They’re producing some of their own videos, but also collecting travel-related videos from the vast collection of what’s already available out there. So, rather than searching and sifting through pages and pages of weird videos on YouTube, be sure to check the BootsnAll TV blog – you can search for a location and find travel videos related to that place.

I did a quick search for Ireland today, and came up with two videos – one that focuses just on Dublin, and another that shows off a few of Ireland’s more famous tourist sights. As the blog continues to get updated, there will be more travel videos for destinations all over the world that you can watch. Until then, enjoy these two from Ireland.

Dublin Video
Nice overview of Dublin’s sights, set to U2’s “Beautiful Day.” Oddly, there isn’t much in the way of rainy or cloudy weather on display. Is this a case of selective video-ing? Methinks the answer’s yes.

Ireland Highlights
Rather than video, this is a Ken Burns-esque slideshow of photographs from around Ireland, including Dublin, Galway, the Cliffs of Moher (incorrectly labeled the “Cliffs of Mohers” on the video), and various sights in the Irish countryside.