The Nanny Quinn’s

The Nanny Quinn's on the banks of the royal CanalOne of the major perks of being a musician is the opportunity to travel the country and become acquainted with wonderful places otherwise off the beaten track. One such place is a pub somewhere between Mullingar and Kinnegad called The Nanny Quinn’s.

I was out with Amber Moon on the evening, lending some vocal and bodhran to their tasty fare of trad and song at this most excellent pub in Raharney. Perched on the banks of the Royal Canal, the Nanny Quinn’s clientelle comes from the local area as well as from boats moored below on the canal.

the view from behind the mic at the nanny quinn's pubWhile neat and refurbished, Nanny Quinn’s has retained its old bar and all of the charm of the old pub in addition to the new seating area and kitchen facilities.

With honest, old wooden flooring and thick, stone walls this is a pub in the classic Irish sense – welcoming, intimate and lively. We had a grand time playing away for the appreciative audience and can only imagine other acts’ experiences must be the same.

The photo to your right is the view from behind the mic at the old bar section of Nanny Quinn’s. Below is a photo of the bridge and moorings just a few steps outside the Nanny Quinn’s side entrance.

The royal canal bridge behind the nanny quinn's