Tasting Germany: Drinking

Oktoberfest is definitely the most well known German celebration when it comes to…drinking. But you really don’t need to wait until September (in 2011, Oktoberfest takes place between September 17 and October 3) to be drinking in Germany .

Along with seeing the historical sites, exploring the cities, tasting the food, drinking is a part of the whole traveling experience. No, we are not talking about getting drunk and forgetting what you’ve seen or done…we are talking about tasting the local drinks and challenging your taste buds to experience new things.

Riesling is the most famous wine in Germany (similar to Pinot Noir of Burgundy). To taste it, head to the Rhine Valley. Along with this experience, you can check out the superb nature as the area is a paradise for nature lovers.

Schnapps is another well known drink originating in Germany. The best brandy can be found on the Ems valley. The cuisine might not be unique but the drinks surely are. The area on the bank of the river which runs on south slope of the Teutoburger Forest and flows north and north-west through North-Rhine Westphalia and Lower Saxony is also a heaven for nature lovers. Rent a horse and explore the vast landscape.

Weizenbier (top-fermented beer) is at its best by Lake Constance. The traditional German food is divine, as well. But if you get bored, you can head to the Swiss border near-by and order their traditional foods.

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Budget wise, you can fly from Dublin to Bonn for €229 roundtrip (in mid-July) and then rent a car to explore the Rhine Valley. Between Bingen and Bonn, the river offers stunning views. The area is known for the superb castles and vineyards and has been known “the Romantic Rhine”.

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