Milltown Tavern

The Milltown Tavern in MilltownEver since the motorway started taking its toll from commuters, the town of Milltownpass has taken a heavy toll in terms of the frequency of trade within its borders.

Standing cheerfully bright yellow despite the drying up of tourists, the Milltown Tavern continues to do business on the main street. When my car gave up the ghost I had more than a few cups of tea here waiting for a towtruck.

The old Lounge/Bar entrance is just a facade nowadays, as both doors open to the same high-ceilinged room. Round the back is a kitchen and carpeted dining area. Fading photos on the wall testify to the nightly craic housed in this venue and the worn, wooden surfaces betray a lifetime of friendly custom.

Able to cater to coachloads of tourists, you could do worse for a quick turn off the motorway for lunch than the Milltown Tavern in Milltownpass.