Planning a Luxury Holiday in Ireland

Holidays in Ireland can be experiences of luxury almost unparalleled outside her borders. The Irish know how to pamper visitors with luxury destinations and activities to suit every taste. Visitors from as far away as Australia and New Zealand relish the chance to enjoy a high end Irish holiday.


In Ireland the tour vehicle may well be a chauffeur driven Mercedes or a pristine antique and the itinerary will be tailored to the client’s interests. The diverse variety of possible tour themes can meet the expectations of any individual or group — accommodating both full-service and independent travelers.

Historic homes in Ireland present some of the best preserved and most storied structures in all of Europe. A chauffeured tour of Irish architectural gems presents unique opportunities to explore the history and the culture of the Emerald Isle.

Genealogy tours can offer visitors of Irish ancestry a chance to trace the history of their family back into the mists of the Celtic past. Specialist guides know exactly the resources to trace a family back to its Irish roots and can help interested visitors locate the information they are seeking.

Golf enthusiasts will find a guided tour of Irish courses a delightful escape and an athletic challenge.

Visitors with a serious interest in food can arrange gastronomic tours to the best restaurants to enjoy the very best Ireland’s gifted chefs have to offer in surroundings as luxurious as any in the world.

Getting there

Europeans and Americans can fly direct, but as of autumn 2011 there are no scheduled direct flights from Australia to Dublin or Shannon airports. The best transportation option may be business class flights from an Australian city into Heathrow, followed by a connecting flight. Another option from Heathrow to Ireland is rail travel. Alternately, travelers may choose to hire a car in London and proceed to Ireland by road with appropriate luxury stopovers along the way.

Luxury lodging

A place to stay in Ireland can reflect the very highest standards of luxury. Irish accommodation can involve the very best hotels in the world, a luxury spa vacation or a night in a historic castle.

Dromoland Castle Hotel is a sixteenth century castle only a few minutes from Shannon airport. Visitors can enjoy golf, fishing and hunting at Dromoland or use the castle as a headquarters for the exploration of the surrounding countryside.

The Four Seasons Hotel in Dublin is the perfect accommodation for travelers who prefer their up scale Irish holiday to take place in the bustle of Ireland’s capitol. In addition, the Four Seasons offers all the facilities of a full service luxury spa.

The K Club in County Kildare offers visitors to Ireland all the pleasures of life on a country estate within easy reach of Dublin’s urban culture and night life.

Ireland is the perfect venue for a luxury European holiday. Its history, its accommodation and its sense of style make it one of the best destinations in the world.

Photo by: sportsilliterate