Ireland in March

March is the month when Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It’s also a good time to travel if you want to explore the cities and even try some outdoor activities. This spring month falls during the low season , except for the St. Patrick’s Day. Still, you have more chances to enjoy a holiday with fewer crowds than if you were to travel in the summer.


In general, the secret of coping with the weather in Ireland is to be prepared for mild weather, regardless of when you travel. If it’s colder, add a sweater and a jacket. If it rains, add the waterproof jacket. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, suitable for walking on rugged terrain.

Some temperatures:

Cork avg high 8C (48F) / avg low 3C (39F)
Dublin avg high 9C (49F) / avg low 3C (39F)
Galway avg high 9C (49F) / avg low low 3C (39F)
Shannon avg high 10C (50F) / avg low 4C (40F)

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When traveling outside the travel season – which roughly runs between Easter and October Bank Holiday – pay attention that certain attractions and accommodation might be closed. But the prices for both flights and hotels are low so it might be worth it to embrace the low crowds and enjoy the cities at a slower, more relaxed pace.

If you want to be here for St. Patrick’s Day, then book the hotel room or the hostel bed in advance. Yes, months in advance because it’s a very popular holiday. As for the airfare to Ireland , check various airlines and you can wait until 2-4 weeks before departure and book a ticket from a low cost carrier flying here.

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Things to do

The most important holiday in March is St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated all over the country on March 17th. It is a public holiday and if you want to see how the Irish party, you must be in Ireland for this holiday.

Aside from the St. Patrick’s Day Festival, which also includes the parade, there isn’t much going on in March in Ireland. The Dublin Fashion Weeks starts at the end of March and continues to early April, so for those passionate about fashion, it is a good chance to see what’s going on in the business.

Some of the things to do in Ireland regardless of the season are:

  • go pub crawling. If you’ve been in pubs anywhere else in Europe, you should come here and see what Irish pubs are really about. Enjoy the pub food and play the pub games. No visit to Ireland is complete without enjoying some Guinness.
  • visit at least some of the Irish castles . You can visit castles which have been restored , but there are also many which are in ruins. Whatever you wish to see, you’ll probably find. Rent a car and plan to drive between them. The bonus is, of course, the scenery.
  • visit the cities and enjoy their sights. In Dublin , visit the Castle, take photos of the oldest building in the city -Christ Church Cathedral – and spend time in the museums. In Galway there are also plenty of interesting places to visit, such as the Galway City Museum or the Spanish Arch.

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