Ireland in June

Visiting Ireland in June means you’ll be avoiding the peak travel season and also get here when it’s supposed to be the sunniest. It’s a good month for exploring the outdoors plus there are also some events taking place in Dublin, celebrating James Joyce.


June is one of the sunniest months , but the weather is variable and Ireland’s weather is definitely not very predictable. Sometimes the weather in April might be nicer than the weather in June , so the trick is to be prepared for mild temperatures, but pack some additional layers. So, the sweater and raincoat are a good idea to be in your bag. And don’t forget about good walking shoes.

Some temperatures:

Cork avg high 16C (61F) / avg low 10C (50F)
Dublin avg high 16C (61F) / avg low 10C (50F)
Galway avg high 16C (61F) / avg low low 10C (50F)
Shannon avg high 17C (63F) / avg low 10C (51F)

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It’s not as cheap as visiting Ireland in March, but June is definitely a cheaper month than if you visit the country during the high season. But do expect at least some crowds and consider booking the hotel or hostel in advance.

When it comes to flights , check the fares from various airlines. There are several low cost carriers flying into Ireland and you can find good rates if you book your ticket 2-4 weeks before departure.

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Things to do

The 16th of June marks Bloomsday in Dublin, which celebrates James Joyce’s Ulysses character Leopold Bloom criss-crossing through the city. So expect to see mostly elderly people walking in the city, wearing old-fashioned clothes. For those who haven’t read the book, it’s about a day in the life of Leopold Bloom. He walks from the Martello Tower in Sandycove to his home in Eccles Street. The descriptions of the city are so vivid that you feel as if you were walking along him.

The traditional way to celebrate Bloomsday is to actually walk the same route (as far as possible as the city has changed since the book was written). There are also Joyce-related events taking place around the city.

But, regardless of the month of weather, you can always try some of the fun things to do in Ireland , such as:

  • drink Guinness in one of the pubs . Sure, you might have been to pubs in other parts of the world but nothing feels like eating pub food and enjoying a fun game with friends in a real Irish pub.
  • rent a car and visit at least some of the Irish castles . You get to see the interesting buildings, visit the ones which have been restored and enjoy the scenery as you drive between them. Plus, you can take some day hikes if you want to.
  • if you prefer to spend most of the time in the cities, you can visit the sights. In Dublin , aside from the Joyce-related events, you can visit the museums and the Castle, along with many other interesting places. While if you are in Galway you can visit the Spanish Arch, which is part of the old city wall. Or just enjoy a day shopping for bargains and gifts for the loved ones.

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