December in Dublin- Events, Weather and Travel Tips

november-in-dublinThere is really something about the city of Dublin that in someway makes it ideal on a cool gloomy day than a dazzling summer’s day. It’s just hard to elucidate, but anybody who goes to this city will know and definitely suggest the winter period of December as the perfect time to go and take a weekend trip to Dublin.

Part of the winter attraction of Dublin is, without a doubt, the prospect of going to the city’s countless night spots and pubs and this merely feels great after dark, in addition of course to its events during December.

December Events in Dublin

National Craft Fair of Ireland – This is an annual fair which is highly recognized as the leading commercial craftwork display in Ireland. The majority of the valued craftspeople will be there to grace the event by showing and trading top quality products. The variety is astounding, everything from high fashion to chocolates and since everything is handmade by these craftspeople they have additional distinction that each of the pieces is unique. The fair will take place from December 2 to 6, 6009.

The Irish Dance Party – When in Dublin in December, don’t fail to join the leading interactive Irish dance and music event. Be trained in some basic group dances of Ireland by expert Irish show dancers in a slipshod and entertaining manner. Be delighted by some of the well identified Irish ballads and songs with live local musicians. Witness as the dancers amaze you with their remarkable performances. And learn the history of dance and music in Ireland. The event will happen at the famous Dublin City Center, from 3pm to 5pm on the entire month of December.

December Weather in Dublin

December is considered to be the rainiest month in the city. And it is the perfect period to be comfortable in one of the popular pubs of the city.

Avg. high 46.44°F/8°C
Avg. low 38°F/4°C
Avg. precipitation 3.3 inches/7.7cm

Though the winter season of Dublin is definitely cold, it seldom drops to sub-zero and the city barely ever witnesses considerable snowfalls.

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Getting Here

The city of Dublin is very much accessible both by sea and air through the Dublin Airport, Dun Laoghaire Harbor and Dublin Port with easy access to the county as well as the city. And since winter is not a peak season in city, there is a great possibility for you to get cheap flights to Dublin. Search for the websites of airline companies online and book for your flight earlier to take advantage of their other promos or freebies.

Where to Stay

One of the great means to search for an excellent and well situated hotel is by looking for the many hotel reservation companies on the net. The majority of hotels and other accommodations in Dublin have websites and most of them will let you to look for hostels according to your location and price. When searching, always search for the something that suggest cost saving like short break special offers or weekend deals. In such manner, you are assured to obtain the biggest option and best rates available.