The Guardian praises Irelandlogue

The guardian newspaper praises sean lightholder and irelandlogueBenji Lanyado, a writer for the, has dedicated an entire article to a very positive review of Irelandlogue. Read it here.


Mika of the boots boys suggested I contact Benji a couple of weeks ago about getting on his weekly top 10 list of travel blogs. I was cautioned that Benji

“is not a typical reviewer though – hard to please and not afraid to say what he thinks. So he doesn’t rave about every blog he likes, he critics them maybe a bit more harshly than usual, but not without reason.”

Well, Irelandlogue didn’t make it onto a top ten list . . . it got its own article!

In said article, Benji says he “perused Ireland Logue for a few hours . . . Sean’s blog has rocked my week in the blogosphere. Sean, we salute you.”

Aw, shucks.

Thanks loads to Benji Lanyado and the Guardian – your write-up made my week.