Songwriter’s night is TOMORROW! (Sunday, April 29 at 9pm in Athlone’s Palace Loft) artist names on the back of a baby's shirtAfter months of preparation, tomorrow is the annual midland songwriter showcase.

I’m really pleased with the acts we’ve got lined up this year, it’s another great mix of new and established musicians playing their own compositions. We just picked up the tShirts yesterday and, if I do say so myself, they look fantastic. I was so pleased with the design I ordered a few extra (note munchkin sporting the infant version there to your left) and we’ll see if we can’t sell a few on the night.

Ze germanz and I will be hard at Sunday getting everything set up and then the acts sound checked before 7pm. I’m relieved the nasty cough has subsided under prescriptive treatment, so I may actually be of some physical use instead of a shuddering, hacking wreck of a man. The plan is to have everything done by 7pm and then head back to my flat for a pre-show bbq and relaxation session.

Of course, every year we plan something like this and every year we’re still rushing around running leads at 8.30pm.

in any case, this year is looking to be an absolutely fantastic show.

Hope to see you there!