Saviors or scam artists?

orbo by steorn exhibit signs at Kinetica in LondonImagine that someone had defied the laws of physics and created a perpetual motion machine; a machine that created energy out of thin air. Moreover, they were prepared to unveil said machine to the world yesterday and allow anyone – from giant energy company to individual enthusiast – to create their own machine and thereby have an unending source of free energy.

Now what if I told you these claims were made by an Irish company who were to stage the presentation in a London Art gallery yesterday – but the presentation was cancelled due to technical problems with no date set for a re-scheduling.

Some people think this is all a practical joke, but whatever it is, Steorn (the Irish company) and its perpetual motion machine “Orbo” have garnered a good deal of press and millions in investment capital.

Will the Irish save civilization once again? Did Steorn actually invent the machine they claim they did or is this all an elaborate joke – possibly some kind of performance art piece?

A hoax or the answer to the global energy crisis? This is the question on everyone’s lips.

Here is a blog on the mysterious invention . . . you decide.