Ireland Around the Web: 06.07.08

Here are some Ireland items in the news lately:

  • Want to sample the finest in Irish whiskey without tramping all over Ireland? You can book a tasting or class for your travel group anywhere in the country and let the professionals come to you.
  • Ireland can now claim the dubious title of the only country to have had its Eurovision Song Contest entry booed off the stage. Not sure the performer felt any embarrassment, though – after all, Dustin’s a puppet. Of a turkey, no less. You can see Dustin’s song here. If you dare.
  • Those of you looking for both a trip to Ireland and an eco-friendly vacation will be pleased with this new list of Ireland’s 50 best ecoescapes.
  • The social network site Bebo says it has replaced Google recently as the “number one site in Ireland.”
  • I mentioned previously an article in the NY Times questioning whether the “real Ireland” still exists – well, a Dublin resident’s retort letter got published, and he’s got his own take on the “real Ireland.”
  • Ireland will vote on June 12 whether to accept the Lisbon Treaty, which effects how the EU is run, and it’s looking like more and more Irish people aren’t in favor of it.