First black Irish mayor wanted back in Nigeria

Rotimi Adebari, mayor of PortlaoiseYou may recall my post a while back about Ireland’s first black mayor.

Portlaoise elected Rotimi Adebari as mayor, making him the first black man in Ireland to hold such a position. Rotimi came to Ireland almost a decade ago to escape religious persecution in his Nigerian homeland. Here’s the hilarious thing – the nation that drove him away now wants him back.

In an article in the Irish Independent, officials in Nigeria were quoted as planning an attempt to “poach” him from Portlaoise.

Now why would anyone want to leave a rain-soaked country known for religious strife to return to an arid country known for religious strife? Well, I suppose one WOULD save on umbrellas . . AND the guinness is stronger down there.

Thing is, I wonder if “poached” is a particularly good verb to use in reference to Africa . . .